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AzoresTourismMarsilea is coordinated by Antonieta Costa, Ph.D. In Social Psychology, researcher and author of several published works in the area of culture, as most of those presented here.

The site

The site information, although dealing with thematic common to the entire Archipelago, is centred in Terceira Island (“Terceira” meaning the third, and referring to the order by which, probably, the islands were discovered).
The group of nine islands constituting the Archipelago, although showing many similarities, is also characterized by extreme differences, justifying thus singular approaches.
The historic and economic importance achieved by Terceira Island during the years 1450s till 1800s, and the fact that many countries have in their archives documents referring political and commercial interactions with this Island justifies this preference.
Angra (“Angra” means little bay) being the central piece of this international interaction, receives special attention, documented by historical data and images.

Most of the images used on this site have not authorship identification. Some were obtained through the Internet, others from published works. The authors, to whom we have sent a request for the utilization of their material, did not answer. We hope they do not mind, but if there is any case of copy right violation, it is asked here to please contact us for removal of the respective documents.

We thank to the following:
Luís Silveira
J.Manuel Bettencourt
Francisco Ernesto O. Martins
Ordem dos Arquitectos Portugueses


Marsilea azorica Launert & Paiva, sp. nov.

The site’s logo, as well as its symbolic and decorative bases, are inspired on one of the rare plants of the Archipelago, the Marsilea azorica Launert & Paiva, sp. nov. The scientists responsible for its characterization define this plant as being different from the Marsilea strigosa Willd., the European closest specimen.

The Marsilea azorica, vulgarly known as “four leaves clover”, is in reality a small fern, 15cm high, “ … abundant on the mud of a small seasonal pond …/… Distr. Azores - Island of Terceira. Área Geogr. – Only known in the Azores.” (ICONOGRAPHIA SELECTA FLORAE AZORICAE, Coimbra, 1980).
The utilization on this site of virtual images of the plant, distinguishing its main characteristics, aims not only to call the attentions for the singularity of the Azorean Flora, but also to inform about its specifics.